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Real Estate is a Personal Business

Shopping for a home today has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, from when listings were published in a book that was kept in each office and information was only available through an agent/broker, to now ... The Digital Information Super Age! The internet has broadened that reach to every continent on the globe, to nearly everyone who… Continue reading Real Estate is a Personal Business

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The Dalles…The Next Agrihood?

According to a 2015 survey by the Urban Land Institute, "73 percent of Americans highly prioritize access to fresh, healthy foods." The focus of the ULI's definition of "agrihood" is based on a community built around a working agricultural center, like a farm or orchard. Brokers are noticing an increase in clients who put access to… Continue reading The Dalles…The Next Agrihood?

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Your Credit Score and You

When you apply for a credit card, a home or auto loan, and even for some employment opportunities, your credit score can play a vital role in whether or not you get approved and in some cases, get hired! As a credit score reformer myself, I can fully say that if you can take control… Continue reading Your Credit Score and You