Designs Portfolio

Portfolio of Client Homes Before and After Staging or Remodeling


Client’s home in The Dalles, OR. Family had their house listed for a few months before we staged it in late October 2014. The transformation from empty, vacant rooms to comfortable and “neutral” is the game changer. We received an offer on the home in mid November and closed the sale yesterday! Less than 30 days from the offer acceptance and closing.


Ongoing Projects

I have been dabbling a little bit more in my use of my Chief Architect Home Essentials 2018 program to do workups for home staging, redesign, and real estate clients. Currently I am working on a commercial public bathroom, which needs some serious work done it in regards to style; a residential whole house remod; and a residential kitchen remod.

Residential Remod: This home is a 3 bed 2 bath with an open concept common area of the living, family, dining, and kitchen. The three photos below show the living room, kitchen and dining area. The top section shows the current look (screaming 1974!) and the bottom are the proposed changes.


Commercial Public Restroom: This restroom is a public use restroom that hasn’t been updated in at least 10 years. Photo on the left is the current style (the wall mounted changing table is currently an old wood floor model that I think is as old as I am). The photo on the left is with the proposed changes of the wall color and wall-mounted changing station.


Residential Kitchen: This residential kitchen remod is a budget friendly consult, focusing on primarily changing the paint and maybe the light fixture. Future changes such as flooring and backsplash are also proposed.

Pictures coming soon