Services and Specialties

Do you have a home that has been for sale and yet you don’t seem to be getting enough knocks at your door? Many sellers of vacant or non-staged homes experience this at one time or another. Potential buyers tend to buy based on EMOTION rather than price, although that is a factor. The more the home appeals to the buyer’s emotional sense and their pocketbook, the better chance you have of selling it. The more they can feel like it is their home, the more they will want it!

Let Me Tell You How I Work ….

As many people know, it takes more to sell a home than just setting a sign out front and hoping for the best. A home needs to be presentable and clean, have modern amenities, and location is also key. While I can not change the location of the home, I can help change the first impression that potential home buyers will see when they come to your home. This could mean anything from cleaning, yard work, or rearranging the floor-plan. Many sellers have a somewhat limited view of their home….that is where I come in. I see the home with fresh eyes and a non-emotional perspective.

If you have a home that isn’t selling quick enough, or has been on the market for what seems like an eternity, call me today to set up a FREE 30 minute consultation appointment.

Staging Services 

Space PlanningWorking with the client’s needs and their furniture and furnishings to create a functional floor plan in their home.

Color Planning

Sometimes a home or room just needs new paint to give it the update it needs to feel fresh, modern, and welcoming.


After you’ve lived in a home for more than a year or two, you can collect quite a lot of stuff without even realizing it. Grocery bags, old towels, and unused items can accumulate. Too many items can make a room or home feel smaller than it is, or having inadequate storage.
Curb Appeal Often it can be difficult for a homeowner to see past their furnishings and decor, not realizing how their home looks to outsiders. When listing a home for sale, the exterior is often what people see first, creating an immediate impression. Cleaning up the outside by doing maintenance on the lawn, shrubbery, foliage, trees, and outdoor decor is the best first step.
Decor and Staging Sometimes everything is great in the home; the furniture is arranged perfectly, the paint colors are pleasing and well kept, the curb appeal is neat and tidy, and there is no clutter to be found. Walking in the home is great….except the decor is dated, boring, or lacking in some fashion. I can help with this.

Services I Provide My Sellers and Realtors

Public open house staging$ 500.00
Professional photos of exterior, interior, and additional buildings, neighborhood, etc.$ 200.00
Virtual tour$ 100.00
Marketing materials such as, fliers, brochures, and postcards can be created  $ 100.00 min.
Permanent informational yard sign$ 50.00
Video Tour utilizing still photos and video clips$ 75.00

For an all-inclusive Seller’s Package, the cost would be $950.00, or you can choose from the menu above to create your own custom package. All FSBO materials (print materials, sign, video, and virtual tour) are branded to the you, the Seller, with your contact information.