Hoarding Council of the Columbia Gorge

hoarding_image11-1024x683The Hoarding Council of the Columbia Gorge seeks to build and sustain a community network of trained professionals from a variety of resources, to provide information and access to valuable resources for hoarders, their families and the community they live in. We are committed to sharing responsibility for our communities, and to educate those who seek to understand and wish to help.”

Hoarding, it touches everyone in one way or another. Someone you know in your community…your family….your own home. What help is available? Sadly, in our area of Oregon, the nearest resources are in the Portland Metro area, and in Seattle, WA.

What is hoarding? In a nutshell, a person with a hoarding disorder accumulates items on a grand scale (newspapers, books, clothes, animals, cars, etc) that far exceeds their living space, and experiences distress at the thought of letting go of their items. This can result in unsanitary, unsafe living conditions. Most often, someone who is a hoarder goes without professional help, either due to the social stigmas attached to hoarding, they do not know where to seek assistance, or it may be cost prohibitive.

Hoarding Council of the Columbia Gorge is working with local government agencies, , mental & behavioral health, community resources, local business professionals, real estate industry, housing authority and more. If you would like to be a part of this community council, please contact us below. You can also follow our Facebook page here for upcoming meetings, events and information