Former Real Estate Client Testimonials & Reviews

When I decided to purchase a property in downtown The Dalles I asked Lynn to do the research, she is very professional and diligent in getting all the information available to make the purchase go as smoothly as possible. She is more than willing to go out of her way to make sure that her client is well taken care of. She is honest and takes her profession very seriously. She has very good support and knowledgeable realtors that she works with that she can rely on to give her the correct answers in areas that are unique. I have recommended Lynn to several people when asked who I would have as a Realtor.

Randy S. – The Dalles Business Owner


Lynne helped us the entire time. She was so willing to answer any questions no matter if it was a weekday or a weekend. She was knowledgeable about what needed to get done and in what time frame. She would help us schedule any kind of inspections or certificates that we needed to get to make the process smoother. I would definitely recommend her to anybody, especially a novice in buying homes.

James & Virginia E. – Residential First Time Buyers


We chose Lynette because we already knew her outside of real estate. From the very beginning, her hard work and dedication was evident. From helping us stage the home to offering advice on upgrade ideas, she was very knowledgeable on what it takes to get top dollar for our home. We have another rental property that when we decide to sell, we’ll use Lynette again!

Jed & Jaime V. – Residential Sellers; The Dalles, OR

I was in need of selling my father’s home in a timely fashion.  Lynn was a natural fit because I have known her before she became a real estate professional.  I knew the effort and conviction that Lynn puts into all her projects. When I learned that she was working in real estate, there was no   question of who we were going to use.  Lynn’s knowledge of the area and the market trends were invaluable.  Completely handling the process, Lynn made us feel safe in the sense that we were going to be taken care of.  I highly recommend Lynette O’Brien as your real estate professional.  She will take care of all your needs.

Tobie – Residential Seller; The Dalles, OR

Personally I have known Lynette for many years and knew her to be honest and trust worthy and tenacious!! I needed that more than anything. She listened and she protected me and persevered through allot of issues. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone buying or selling. She won’t give up and she battles through the worse situations to get the best end results possible.

Stacey Suda – Residential Seller; The Dalles, OR


We really didn’t know Lynette but she was recommended by a trusted friend. She was very willing to work with us, to the point of waiting while we made up our mind to sell for over a year. Two showings was all it took. She was especially good after the sale. Our buyers had so complaints, but Lynette was on our side all the way. She was the one for us.

Bob & Ginny Breon – Residential Seller; Tygh Valley, OR