Real Estate

Finding a Property in a Tight Market

Offer in Tight Market

The Dalles and local markets in the surrounding areas are experiencing a tight seller’s market, with low inventory across a wide price range, and sparse inventory for homes under $250,000. Those homes that do come on the market in that price point are often quick to go pending.

Buyer interest is still strong in the less expensive home price range, with very little of the current inventory being either cash or rehab only, or manufactured homes. Buyers fresh to the market, looking to offer on a property, should have their paperwork in order from their lender. A pre-approval letter in hand when previewing homes helps to get your foot in the door, getting your offer that much closer to making a good impression with the seller. Another idea is to include a letter to the seller to include with your offer. It helps add a personal touch for the seller(s) to consider.

Please be sure that you enlist the help of a broker or Realtor that is familiar with your market. A broker is working for the buyer, using their needs & specifications, price range, and ultimately best interests as a guide for what homes to show them.

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