My Guru Mister Rogers

Quote credited to LonerWolf.com

“What makes the differene between wishing and realizing our wishes? Lots of things, of course, but the main one, I think, is whether we link our wishes to our active work. It may take months or years, but it’s far more likely to happen when we care so much that we’ll work as hard as we can to make it happen. And when we’re working toward the realization of our wishes, some of our greatest strengths come from the encouragement of people who care about us.”
The World According to Mister Rogers, pg 100

Sometimes during the rough patches in our day to day lives, we just need to hear some words of calm wisdom and gentle caring to soothe our frayed and stretched nerves and emotions. We may feel the stresses of trying to make ends meet, or we may be worried about a loved one who lives far away. During times like this, when I feel that I can’t possibly find the calm in the proverbial storm, I turn to Mister Rogers. There are many cultural icons who have embodied the gentleness and kindness that society so greatly needs, and for my generation, Mister Rogers and his neighborhood was a staple in our day.

So today, instead of staging or decorating talk, color samples, or traffic pattern talk, I am going to just post kindness. Sometimes we just need a kind word, a nonjudgemental ear, a friendly voice. Mister Rogers will always be a source of wisdom, inspiration, and what I strive to be to myself, my family and friends, and my neighbors.

“I have always wanted to have a neighbor
Just like you!
I’ve always wanted to live in a
Neighborhood with you.
So let’s make the most of this beautiful day;
Since we’re together we might as well say,
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won’t you be my neighrbor?”

from the song, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


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