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De-cluttering with a Garage Sale

Cartoon by Lee Lorenz, from the Conde Nast publication, The New Yorker.

Picture this scenario.

You’re about ready to start packing for your move to your new home, but you realize you don’t want to take everything you own with you. The hassle of packing and unpacking unwanted items stifles your enthusiasm and drive to start…but you know you need to so that you are out by your deadline. You decide you want to have a garage/yard sale rather than take it all to donation. What do you do and where do you start?

To have a successful garage sale is really simple with a little advanced preparation and planning.

Step 1: Check your homeowner’s insurance policy. Better to be prepared if someone is injured at your garage/yard sale rather than have to deal with all the details after it has happened.

Step 2: Get your supplies together before hand so that you have it all at the ready for the Big Sale Day. Boxes, newspapers, tape, receipts, pens, markers, labels and tags, etc.

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