Here’s to 2017 and Forward to 2018!

 2017 was full of trials, stressors and success, but I am looking forward to the fresh new chapter of 2018 and the amazing opportunities to add to my story. I look forward to having you all with me along my journey. 
Some of the blessings that 2017 brought me:

  • Changing brokerages and the opportunity to experience chances I had only dreamed of taking.
  • Expanding my home staging business and learning to focus on both businesses as one.
  • Changing brokerages opened up time to also help out at my family’s business.
  • Our family embarked on the journey of having a senior classman…who graduates this coming June and journeying to London.
  • We have started the journey to homeownership as well. Exciting, daunting, and scared all at once…not to mention I’m not patient. 

May 2018 be the year for everything you need and want!

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