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5 Fall Home Prep Ideas

5 Fall prep ideasI love getting free advice, who doesn’t? I got these 5 Fall Home Prep Ideas from an email from Gravo Home Inspections, and I couldn’t be happier. Free information to pass on to my clients and readers…SCORE!

Here are their Top 5 Tips, and I am passing them on to YOU! Please feel free to pass these on to your family, friends, and be sure to check them off your Fall Prep Checklist yourself.

Preparing a home for the Fall Season –  5 quick tips for home preparation.

  1. Check windows and seals for leaks or gaps. Reseal them if necessary.
  2. Clean out the gutters. Consider hiring a professional for your safety. As a Home Inspector this is one of the #1 reasons I see exterior failures of (soffit’s, siding, damp foundations) is due to the poorly maintained gutters.
  3. Shut off/drain the exterior hose bibs to help prevent frozen pipes.
  4. Have your furnace service for maximum performance and cost efficiency.
  5. Test your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries if necessary.

A few other things to check off your list that I feel are worth a mention:

  • Get your chimney inspected and cleaned BEFORE you light your first fire in your fireplace, woodstove or pellet stove.
  • Rake up those leaves! Leaves that stay on your lawn can cost you a lot of money when Spring rolls around. Leaves breed mildew, they can create a safety hazard when wet, and they can kill your lawn! Rake them up and mulch them to put in your compost, or on your garden for insulation.
  • Remove moss from your roof before it gets cold and wet. Moss that sits on your roof can wick moisture under your shingles, lessening the life of your shingles and your roof, and can create a moisture issue in your attic or ceiling.

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