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The Dalles…The Next Agrihood?

The Dalles AgrihoodAccording to a 2015 survey by the Urban Land Institute, “73 percent of Americans highly prioritize access to fresh, healthy foods.”

The focus of the ULI’s definition of “agrihood” is based on a community built around a working agricultural center, like a farm or orchard. Brokers are noticing an increase in clients who put access to fresh, local produce high in their search preferences for communities and homes.

The Dalles, Oregon has strong agricultural and farming backgrounds in wheat, cattle, cherries, and vineyards/wine, as well as other vegetable and fruit produce on a smaller scale. Neighboring communities, like Hood River, also have apples, pears and apricots to offer residents and tourists alike. Summer is a time of great activity with U-Pick orchards and farm stands opening up along the roadside to offer their riches.

Would you, as a new home buyer, consider access to fresh produce a “Must Have” on your list?

What kinds of community/neighborhood amenities and features would you consider important when considering where to live?

  • Community Garden?
    • Where would it/they be, and who would take care of them? What are the laws regarding a community garden?
  • Year-round farmer’s market?
    • Our local farmer’s market is just starting their season in June and ends in October. Would a year-round option be feasible?
  • A community grocery/food co-op where local produce is sold?
    • The Dalles has Community Harvest Cooperative Grocery, but do they need a brick storefront, or does an online network serve the internet age better?

Please comment or send me your ideas!

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