What Do Moms Want for Mother’s Day?

Mother's DayMother’s Day, a day to formally recognize all of the Mothers in our lives, whether they are our own mother, a mother-in-law, or a dear friend or family member who is like a mother to you. Of course, this day is just the formal date of recognition. There are 364 other days of the year to show appreciation to those special women in our lives.

Every year I hear the same question, “What do you want for Mother’s Day Mom/Honey/Daughter?”

Every year I give the same answer, “I would love to have something that you put thought and love into. Something handmade, or picked out with me in mind. A picnic lunch out with my family, or a nice drive somewhere with you…..”

You get the idea.

What if moms everywhere actually said what was on their minds when asked what they wanted for Mother’s Day? What paradigm shift would occur, what parallel universe would pop into existence? Would our families and loved ones stand there, dazed and confused if we really spoke what’s on our minds?

  • I want someone to mow the yard.
  • I’m taking the day off, I want someone else to do the household stuff, like laundry and dishes.
  • I want to be able to just read my book, do my crochet…(insert your favorite activity here.)
  • I’m going out with my friends and we’re going to have a Mom’s Day…see you tonight.

Ladies, whether we admit it or not, we HAVE to take care of ourselves, and sometimes that means saying what we really want to say. On this Mother’s Day (Sunday May 14th) I wish you all happiness, peace and love.

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